Virtual Security Consultant

A dedicated security team is expensive. Let Bloom Cyber Defense be your security team and save you money and time.

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Virtual Security Consultant

Making security easy, quick, and cost effective.

  • What It Is

    Our Virtual Security Consultant service will provide your organization with well trained and experienced web and network security consultant who will serve as your organization’s trusted adviser. The vSC combines the flexibility of an outside consultant with a dedicated, named individual who will come to know your staff, your network, and your policies.

  • We Only Provide The Best

    Our Virtual Security Consultants have years of experience, training, and expertise. With Bloom Cyber Defense you don't have to worry about who you can and can't trust with your security.

  • Cost Effective

    A dedicated in-house security team or consultant can run you up a pretty hefty bill. With Bloom Cyber Defense, hiring a dedicated security consultant is quick, easy, and cost effective!

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